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Go Green With eDocs

Life's easier with digital documents!

Let us show you how going paperless is the way forward.

Why Are eDocs the Future?

It’s not an overstatement to say that eDocs are the future. Alongside the obvious environmental benefits, there are so many fantastic reasons why switching to electronic documents is a great choice.

Accessibility -
Anytime, Anywhere

Having instant access, 24/7 is brilliant. Simply login via the portal to access the details of your policy and claims numbers, whenever you need them. 

Documents Can’t Be
Misplaced or Destroyed

Paper copies of documentation can easily get lost or destroyed. Keeping documents digital eliminates these risks and keeps things simple.

Safe &
Secure Data

You can relax knowing your data is stored safely and securely on our policyholder portal.

It's Great For
The Environment

We can all do our bit to help! Switching to eDocs will reduce our carbon footprint, keeping things as green as possible for years to come.

How to switch

If you already have a policy through us and are currently on paper documents, it’s easy to switch. In fact, you can do so at the click of a button! All you have to do is log in to the policyholder portal, and select’ switch now’. It’s as simple as that!



Once you’ve switched to electronic documents, you will have access to all your documents and claim numbers online. So, you can access your documents, whenever you need, wherever you are. 

Register to use the online portal (unless already registered)
Log into the policyholder portal using your customer reference number and password
Find the 'Documents' section and select option to 'switch now'
Refresh page to view all your documents online